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College Counseling Packages


All packages include a 30 minute initial meet and greet, deadline reminders, guidance on application types and choices and an overview of financial aid. Contact me to set up a meet and greet and discuss package pricing!


Premium College Planning Package- Premium inclusive package

For high school sophomores and juniors starting the process in advance, with support continuing through Senior year. Two hours of support each year in course selection, extracurricular and volunteer position support (typically in the mid-spring and mid-fall of each year) including:

  • All topics listed in other packages

  • Online support for essays and personal statements, up to 10 prompts, per hour rate after 10 prompts


Senior Experience Package- Designed just for Seniors preparing applications. Includes:

  • Finding college list design based on personal and financial fit

  • Personalized checklist to keep on track, as well as in-person (virtual during COVID) meetings to work through
    applications for Common Application, University of California and California State Universities

  • Post acceptance meeting to review choices and make final decisions

  • Online support for essays and personal statements, up to 8 prompts, per hour rate after 8 prompts 


Senior Choice Package

5 hours of individual, in person meetings including:

  • One getting to know you, personality survey and goals session (family)

  • One personal interview and planning session to create college list (student only)

  • One meeting for list finalizing and application timelines (family) 

  • One discussion for reviewing essays, personal statements and application deadlines, including access to online portal for scheduling and reminders (student only)

  • One post- acceptance deadline meeting to review choices, set deadlines for final commitment and choices like housing and financial aid (family) 

  • Online support for essays and personal statements, up to 6 prompts (student only)

University of California Package

For students applying only to the University of California and CSU system 

  • Includes in person individual meeting to create list of UC/CSU applications, deadlines and potential majors at each

  • Transcript, activities and test score review and planning (for Juniors and Seniors signed up before September 1st only)

  • Includes online review and comments on Personal Insight Questions (UC only)



A La Carte Services

Just the List

For students late in Junior year or by October 1st of Senior year

  • Includes two in person meetings for up to one hour each (student only)

  • Personality survey and getting to know you interview and college planning homework

  • Review of transcripts, resume and activities and test scores

  • Compilation of college list based on student and family preferences and fit

  • One wrap up meeting to discuss Expected Family Contribution and brief introduction to financial aid and presentation of a list of up to 15 colleges to consider. (family)

Just the Essays

For students in the midst of application season in Senior year

  • Includes two individual, in-person meetings for up to one hour each (student only)

  • Includes online review and comments on essays and coaching, for up to 5 separate applications/prompts (student only)


Small Group Classes - Get your friends together and plan a small group class at your location!

  • Small Group Essays (2 hours)- In a small group of 4-6 students, students will learn how to write a winning personal statement and how to tell their story. Students will also have an opportunity to work on essays in person and ask questions, get peer feedback. Attendance includes one virtual edit of a personal statement, after the class. One-time, flat fee

  • Small Group Lists (2 hours)- In a small group of 4-6 students, learn more about yourself, personal preferences and wishes for a good fit college. Then, learn how to use a variety of tools and ratings lists to determine your own list. Leave with a list of 6-10 schools that meet your needs and personal qualifications. One-time flat fee

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