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"Initially, I found completing my college applications to be a daunting task, but because of Mrs. Chatters’, I had a smooth and enjoyable experience. She made it easy for me as a student by arranging meetings around my schedule. In our meetings, she guided me through each step and made sure all of my questions were answered. I was able to receive prompt answers to all of my college concerns through email outside of meeting times. Mrs.Chatters was there for me through every step of my application process. She even cheered me on the moment I clicked submit! Ultimately, I was able to do so with confidence and ease.

- Mikayla, (student, college counseling client) 

"TLC Educational Consulting is 100% the program you want to be with when applying to colleges. I have recommended this to my peers that are looking for colleges. Tracy Chatters is real, honest, encouraging, supportive, and gives her all to everyone. 10/10"

- Phoebe, (student, college counseling client)

"Thanks to Tracy Chatters, I not only found an academic-excellent college to fit my future, but she helped me find one that was affordable for my family, matched my grades, and reflected my personality. Although I have known her for years, our meetings and contact remained professional displaying her appreciation and dedication to this subject. Her strong advice guided me on this important crossroad towards a university that will put me on the right path."


- Michael (student, college counseling client) 

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