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Educational Advocacy

Navigating the landscape of individual learning needs can be very challenging for any parent. After 18 years in education, I have developed an expertise in IEPs, 504s and in gifted education. Whether you’re working through some difficult conversations with a school, looking for ideas for accommodations that may work better for your child or hoping to negotiate subject or grade acceleration, I will work with you to get your child the best educational situation possible. 


What an advocate can do for you:

  • Read all reports, notes and files with your permission

  • Give suggestions for appropriate accommodations goals and services

  • Attend any school meetings with a parent

  • Explain current laws and regulations

  • Translate “teacher speak” and acronyms into parent friendly language

  • Discuss educational options and settings that may benefit your child

  • Provide research packages for parent to share with school or teacher


Contact me to set up a free 30 minute initial consultation. All advocacy packages include a full records review

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